Atelier Simonet – Shibari Paris (France)

Atelier Simonet located in Paris (Aubervilliers) is designed as a multidisciplinary workshop. Its main activity is the organization of shibari events.
It is an official studio of Naka ryu frequented by practitioners of all levels from many countries. Its ambition is to transmit the values of this style but also to discover a variety of ways to practice shibari.

What is shibari ?


Shibari, also called kinbaku, is an erotical bondage play coming from the Japanese BDSM community since the 1950’s.

In Japan, is not concidered as an art, and it practice is still taboo. Most of the time, those scenes are happening in private or in BDSM places.

There are many ways to practice shibari and to us at Atelier Simonet, we really want everyone to find a way to learn that suits their wishes.


Nawa Naka Kai paris atelier simonet

Nawa Naka Kai Paris 2019 (Naka Akira & Tyka – Pic : Tako)

Classes at Atelier Simonet – Shibari Paris


Atelier Simonet proposes students to learn strong basics whatever style(s) they want to practice.

Atelier Simonet is also offering specific events, like communication classes.

Free practice and training are also availiable so everyone can practice, watch and share.


I’m a French kinbakushi ( tyer ) based at L’Atelier Simonet, which I opened in September 2018. Naka Akira has honored me by allowing me to officially teach his style in 2019.

I first became interested in ropes in 2007 to expand my BDSM practices. The beginning of my shibari practice coincided with my meeting with Tyka in 2011.
I quickly became interested in teaching, and so began in 2012 in Paris, but also in Europe. At the same time, I started performing and created RopeSession.

In September 2013, I discovered Naka Akira’s semenawa, which best met my expectations. As a result, I decided to devote myself entirely to it and became one of the very first ropeworkers to practice this style.At that point, and on Naka Akira’s recommendation, I began to develop my own style.

Today, my kinbaku is constantly evolving, but above all it’s focused on my desire to better perceive and understand others.

For me, teaching is the best way to share my passion and pass on the values of kinbaku.

To read more about my style of Kinbaku.

How to buy ropes for Shibari?


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