Solidarity Atelier Simonet

Like all of France and many other countries, we have been lockdowned! We were very lucky to be there and we tried to take full advantage of it…

However, with all our events being cancelled until June 21st, difficult times are ahead for our place, which until the lockdown had already been living in a difficult balance. The restart can only be done with a reduced number of participants and some of the events that we will reschedule in the coming months have already contributed to the survival of the Atelier during the lockdown (deposits and reservations). The Atelier is therefore still in a delicate situation for the few months of the recovery.

Closing the Atelier is the last thing we want to consider (and even if we had to do so we obviously have 3 months rental notice). That’s why today we have no other solution than continuing to ask you for help. We would be very grateful if you could make a gesture for our place which is also the place where many people come to practice and learn shibari.

To help us, you can send us a free donation of the amount you wish or choose a counterpart from the list below.

Donation by paypal :

Thank you to choose the “transfer money to friends” and tell us in the short message if it is a free donation or if you choose a counterpart (or several). If you want your counterpart to be sent to you by post  remember to indicate us your postal address.

If you want to send us a donation using another payement method, you can send us a message.

We thank you for every gesture of solidarity you can make for Atelier Simonet and wish you all the best !

Counterparts: « Our Kinbaku : Images and Stories » :

All photos, videos and texts proposed in the following counterparts will be created during our confinement at Atelier Simonet. We won’t tell you any more so that you get the surprise!

  • POSTCARD – 10€
    An unpublished and numbered NSFW « Kinbaku & Containment » postcard.
  • VIDEO – 20€
    An NSFW video from our period « Kinbaku & Containment ».
    7 clips already available (this will be updated in time)
    A copy of our magazine « Kinbaku stories » number 1 with photo and text content specially created during our containment at Atelier Simonet. The magazine will be entirely written in English to reach a large audience but we will be able to send you the French versions of each text if necessary.
  • PHOTO PRINT A4 – 50 €
    An unpublished and numbered print of one of our NSFW « Kinbaku & Confinement » photos.
Counterparts : « At the reopening of the Atelier »
  • PRIVATE CLASSES (For classes which will take place before the end of August)
    Docvale 100€/h*
    Bänana : 50€/h
    Thoses classes will have a 2h duration minimum.
    The schedule of the private lessons will be organized with you as soon as possible. The theme will be chosen and adapted according to your wishes and needs.
    *Please contact us, for private intensives.
    A ticket to attend an intimate evening session of Kinbaku. To guarantee an intimate atmosphere, the number of places will be limited. The public session could include sexuality, “violence” and “consent non consent” games. Of course, afterwards we’ll br the champagne all together!The date will be set as soon as possible. If it doesn’t suit you, you can then choose another counterpart.
  • RENTAL – 160€
    One day rental on a weekday at Atelier Simonet. Ideal if you want to do a shibari shooting ! The date will have to be defined together.

You can also contribute in buying our ropes on RopeSession